Animal Rescue

In the event of an emergency where many pet owners must evacuate, the Wayland Emergency Animal Response Team (WEART) will assist you in planning for the safety of your pet. This may include, but is not limited to, providing for a pet evacuation in close proximity to the evacuation shelter housing people.

The Mission

The Wayland Animal Response team is charged with ensuring that Wayland has provided a means for pets to be included in evacuation plans should a disaster occur.


The team operates under the authority of Wayland's Community Emergency Coordinator (CEC) - The Wayland Fire Chief, and the Wayland Emergency Management Director - The Wayland Police Chief. Activation and coordination will be at the direction of the CEC through the CERT coordinator.


At the direction of the CEC/EMD to open one or more animal shelters to house, feed and protect pets who have been displaced as a result of an emergency or disaster. Provide specialized training for WEART members to assume leadership roles in the operation of these shelters. Train lay public, as necessary, for support roles. Develop coordinating lines between State, Federal and National organizations capable of supporting these activities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Caring for pets during a disaster takes many people. We need educating the community that pets need to be included in their disaster planning. We also need help providing a plan for setting up the pet housing shelter, registering pets, providing first-aid, meal preparation and exercise for the pets. We need a strong identification system in place so that pet owners can be reunited with their pets once the emergency is over. If you would like to volunteer, we can truly use your help. Training ranges from just a few hours to be prepared to help in the case of an emergency to the training necessary to be a shelter manager. Whatever level you wish to be involved in would be greatly appreciated!


The WEART team gladly accepts donations of materials needed to operate the shelter. Crates, cages and kennels as well as dog bowls, leashes and collars are greatly needed. Material contributions must be in a "reasonably large" quantity. Cash contributions are also accepted.

Contact Information

Shirley Moore, Team Lead
508-451-2519 (C)
508-358-7137 (H)