Wayland CERT is too new to have any corporate sponsors. However, we will be looking for sponsors who can donate either material or money to this very worthwhile effort.

If you are interested in sponsoring CERT, please click the 'Contact' button and we will get back to you very quickly.

What do we need?

We are looking for corporate sponsors to sponsor specific community outreach programs. CERT conducts a number of training courses such as "Emergency Preparedness" and "CPR and First Aid". In addition, we have also made handouts such as our "Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Guide" available at Town Meetings. We need your help to continue these activities!

Also, we need lots of equipment to supply the team, such as:

  • A storage shed (10 x 14' minimum)
  • First Aid Kits
  • Latex Gloves
  • Tarps (8' x 8')
  • Flashlights (Maglite or equivalent; 3 or 4 D-Cell)
  • Batteries (D Cells; lots of em!)

  • And Lots more!

    Or, good 'ole cash.

All items must be donated with a minimum quantity of 30.